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Dear Guests, we would like to share our story with you that has taken us around the world. It all started in London when my father was 17. One day he visited a traditional English hamburger restaurant. He purchased one hamburger meal and after tasting it decided it was so delicious he had to order another one. For some reason, when he tried to pay for the second meal the owner told him it was completely free and on the house. My dad accepted the kind gesture, thanked the owner and left. Some days later he returned to the very same shop to order lunch. However, much to his disbelief, the owner was without staff and running the burger shop by himself. He decided to voluntarily help him by serving the customers, making coffee, and handing over orders, all without pay. The next morning my father was at the local bus stop when the same burger shop owner approaches him. The conversation carries on onboard the bus where the owner expresses his intent to offer my father a job in his shop. However, my father, busy with his own work, rejects his offer with kindness. When the bus stopped 15 minutes later the owner stepped off with him. Upon questioning why the owner had coincidentally stepped off at the exact same bus stop as him the owner replied, “The only reason I got on the bus is because I wanted to ask you to come and be a part of my team.” For that reason, my father decided to accept his offer and immediately started to work for him. After that day he only delivered and experienced the kindness, trust and love of customers that was shown by the owner to him.

A short while from the beginnings of my father flipping burgers to washing dishes he became a partner in that burger shop. The teachings that he learnt all those years ago have taught him all the life lessons needed for success. From the humble beginnings of the streets of London to the Moroccan city of Tangiers our mission is and always will be to give you the very best quality of ingredients, halal fresh food and service. For that reason, we welcome you as our guest to Dawoods and we invite you to share in our dreams and goals by telling your friends and family about our values. May Allah bless you and give you Jannat.

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